While Mother Nature is still deciding what season we're having (seriously, so over the snow), it's definitely time for vehicles across the valley to get a carwash.  I'm not just encouraging you to get one because the sunny days can make those unwashed cars (like mine...whoops) look pretty gross, but something could be damaging your car as we speak.

I pulled up to the carwash I typically use on Broadway Ave just a week ago simply because I was sick of looking at how nasty my car looked.  I did the typical routine: rinse it down, blast it with soap, scrub it with soap, rinse it off and use spot-free rinse (cause I'm class like that) before driving off.   By the end of the day, my car had dried off and, well, you couldn't even tell it had been washed.  I chalked that up as me being terrible at all things cars--I've never been a car person.

Fast forward a couple of days and I came across this article from KTVB channel 7, unveiling why it's important to get a carwash right now and what damage could be happening to your vehicle as you read this.

According to KTVB, with the intense winter we have experienced, a record amount of de-icer has too, been used on the roads to keep you safe at intersections from ice and snow. Though this chemical keeps us safe as we drive, it does the opposite to your car, eroding paint, under carriage parts, rims, front grills, brakes, and more. It's important to keep that de-icer washed off as an estimated $3 Billion is spent in repairs due to this chemical each year. It turns out, the "guck" I need to really scrub off of my paint is indeed residue from the de-icing liquid.

For the full article, click HERE-- but, maybe you should get to the carwash, first!

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