Ivanka Trump, daughter and advisor to the prez, is visiting Idaho today with Apple CEO Tim Cook.

They're visiting Wilder schools today as they monitor the school district's use of technology.

“Adviser to the President Ivanka Trump is traveling to Idaho as part of her ongoing workforce development and STEM initiatives and will visit the Wilder School District with Apple CEO Tim Cook,” said Judd Deere, director of media affairs at the White House.

Wilder benefited from the ConnectED program dating back to the Obama administration. Wilder was one of 114 low-income schools in 29 states to receive help from Apple two years ago for students without easy access to technology. Apple donated an iPad to every student and teacher in the district, for use at school and at home.

Wilder is the only city in Idaho to receive the Apple grant where the low-income student population is 96% or more.

I'm sure we'll see plenty of news coverage today of their visit, and see some road closures and traffic as they make their way around the Wilder area.

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