I've gone MAD and its addicting. Allow me to explain, I like to tell myself that I work out so I can eat anything. The truth is that I can forego most any food, I really can, steak ?yea I love it but I can pass and have salmon cause it's healthier. A hamburger? yes I love it but I can have a turkey burger and feel like I'm not missing anything. The issue really rears its ugly head when we get into baked goods. Cheesecake? can't say no. Chocolate cake? cant deny it. Mexican sweet bread? don't want to say no.

My problem is getting worse since I discovered MAD minis. I like Ice cream but these little 60 calories ice cream sandwiches with no junk, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial anything and rbst free whole milk have become my latest obsession. Every time I waIk into Whole Foods I can't say no. I've gone MAD and its addicting... please help send more... hahahaha

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