Booking a vacation back in the day is much different than it is today. Back in the day, you had a map, and 1-800 numbers to call for reservations. Shoot, maybe you were even lucky enough to have a travel agent who handled all that for you.

And when it came to technology, all you had to worry about was whether or not you had cable on the TV.

And if you're booking a trip today?

You can plan the whole thing on your phone and you don't even have to stay in a hotel. Most of us prefer to stay in an Airbnb as it's more private, comfortable, and in most cases... cheaper.

There have been a few issues for both hosts and guests of Airbnb properties. For owners, one of the obvious issues is cleanliness, and most recently, people have been reported using these homes as spots to host massive parties which results in damage.

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For people booking Airbnbs, an issue they have been facing is finding out that the home they booked has security cameras.

As of now, Airbnb requires its hosts to disclose the cameras to the guests and not keep them a secret.

That policy will be changing at the end of April.

Say goodbye to cameras being allowed inside Airbnb properties

According to a report from the Associated Press, Airbnb is looking to eliminate any privacy concerns for guests by banning the use of home security cameras.

Their new policy will allow hosts to keep their Ring or doorbell cameras "and noise-decibel monitors, which are only allowed in common spaces" as long as the host notifies the guests in advance.

The policy for Airbnb hosts will go into effect on April 30.

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