Are you ready for a fantastic adventure that's just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our charming city of Boise? Buckle up because I've got some exciting news to share.

Who here hasn't dreamed of living in a treehouse at least once? Come on, admit it, we've all been there. There's something magical about the idea, isn't there? It takes us back to childhood, filled with dreams of secret hideaways and grand adventures. And guess what? That dream can be a reality!

Taryn & Colin -
Taryn & Colin -

I was browsing the internet, and guess what I stumbled upon? A spectacular treehouse Airbnb that's just a 5-hour drive from Boise. Yes, you heard that right! This isn't your average backyard treehouse. We're talking about "The Klickitat Treehouse," a stunning abode in the heart of nature, offering breathtaking views of Mount Adams.

This beauty is supported by three sturdy Douglas Fir Trees and sits twenty feet above the ground at its highest point. With room for six guests, two bedrooms, and a full bathroom (this bathroom is so chic, it puts my townhouse one to shame), this treehouse is more luxurious than you could ever imagine.

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And it's not just about the views and the novelty of staying in a treehouse. The kitchen is fully equipped with everything you need, from an oven and stovetop to a pie pan, French press, chef's knives, and more. So, whether cooking up a storm or brewing a morning coffee, they've got you covered.

So, if you're yearning to escape from the city or looking for a unique weekend getaway, why not give this treehouse a shot? After all, who wouldn't want to sleep in the canopy of the forest, surrounded by nature's tranquility?

The Klickitat Treehouse

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