If you've never seen the show American Pickers, you're missing out. The whole point of the show is for the host(s) to drive across America, and find a place to "pick" which is another way of saying "make a deal for vintage/used items."

Taking a stroll through Idaho's antique items

Normally, we share antique items with you and give you the price outright. But, this is Idaho's version of American Pickers and we're going to show you the items we find to see if you can guess the asking price.

Once you have that, we'll see if you think you can negotiate or haggle the price down.

We tried to keep the theme of vintage and antique items as the show does and we even included a sign. Why is that a big deal? If you've ever seen the show American Pickers then you know there's always a vintage sign up for grabs... or at least mentioned.

How good would you be if you were on a show like American Pickers? Let's take a look at the items for sale and find out!

What Would YOU Offer? It's Idaho's Version of American Pickers!

We took a trip through Boise's Craigslist and found some vintage items worthy of being on the show American Pickers. Can you guess the asking price of these items?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

You can find all sorts of items in the Treasure Valley. Once in a while, people will take vintage items and turn them into something else entirely. We found some homemade items on Boise's Facebook Marketplace that we never knew we needed.

Be warned though - there is one BBQ pit that we probably wouldn't want to cook out of... but what do you think?

8 Homemade Items On Boise's Marketplace You Didn't Know You Need

Why go with big manufacturers when you can get handcrafted, homemade items from people right here in the Treasure Valley?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

On one occasion, someone listed some shoes on Boise's Facebook Marketplace and it completely backfired when the community absolutely roasted it.

$600 Viral Fashion Trend Is Getting Roasted in Boise Marketplace

Someone in Boise is selling a pair of the viral shoes known as the "Astro Boy Boots" on Facebook. The responses are hilarious... what is it people hate about these shoes?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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