It sounds like a plot straight out of a sci-fi movie, but this unsettling truth is rooted in reality - an asteroid can strike Earth at a moment's notice and wipe us all out forever.

We don't know how close we just got

According to the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, there were at least five asteroids between Friday and Saturday alone that could have struck Earth. One of them was about 460 feet and missed Earth by only 184,000 miles.

A 460-foot asteroid might not sound like a lot, but it can do some serious damage. According to an asteroid impact simulator we found, a 400-foot asteroid would pack a couple of hundred megatons of TNT and release more energy "than all nukes in the world."

It's not just the instant impact we'd have to worry about either.

This simulator details the effects of the asteroid's fireball radius, shockwave, and even the wind speed damage of that impact.

In this particular scenario, the wind speed of a 400-foot-wide asteroid would be responsible for about 111,278 deaths if an asteroid struck Boise.

It might make you wonder what would happen if a much larger asteroid struck Boise.

In June of 2028, the European Space Agency predicts that a massive asteroid will fly by and even possibly make an impact on Earth. Let's take a look at just how big this thing is and what it would do to the City of Trees on impact according to the asteroid launcher tool.

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