Log cabins have been a thing in Idaho for several years, but more commonly we tend to think of cabins being in the mountains and by the lakes or parks. When we think of cabins, we think of luxury getaways and fun trips to resorts in big, spacious cabins. But what is the oldest cabin in all of Idaho and where is it?

You’re in the right place if you’re looking for a cool little piece of Idaho history and some incredible photos of a cabin that still stands firm today. Though, it isn’t in the mountains or at a resort, it’s in the middle of nowhere near Donnely, Idaho — on your way to McCall.

According to history.idaho.gov, the Jacob Maki Homestead cabin is one of the oldest in Idaho (on the books anyway). The cabin is approximately seven miles northwest of Donnelly, Idaho, “on an unnamed county road,” and it was built in 1902, which makes it approximately 120+ years old.

They say, “This is one of the oldest Finnish log homestead cabins in the valley and in remarkably good condition considering its age. It is a good example of Finnish log building techniques and looks much as it did when it was constructed. Although the cabin has been moved from its original location about 100 yards to the north, nothing else about the building has been changed.”

It’s really incredible to see something like this little cabin still being here, and to imagine what times were like back then. I wish I could find more information on the people in that area, but one thing’s for sure, their stories must be remarkable.

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