Football season is finally upon us and one of the best parts about game day is the food. Sure, we all love beer but you can't properly enjoy an ice-cold beverage on game day without one of two things: chicken wings... and finger steaks.

The best of Idaho's signature dish

If you've never had finger steaks before, you're missing out. But, we're not here what it is that makes up the crispy and hearty favors that you can enjoy with gravy or fry sauce. We're here to talk about where you find the best in all of Idaho.

Whether you're a fan of our Idaho Vandals or our Boise State Broncos, you can't properly enjoy the game in true Idaho fashion without the classic finger steak.

Here is where you can find the best...

Game Day Finger Steaks: Where To Find The Best in Idaho

Football season has finally arrived and finger steaks are the ultimate gameday meal. Here's where you can find the best...

It's only fitting that if we're talking about game day foods, then we have to mention the best bars to visit in Boise. We asked you on social media to share with us your picks for the best bar in Boise. Here are your picks...

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Since we're on the subject of steaks and all, we can't talk about the best-fried beef strips in all the land without discussing actual steak itself.

We looked up some of the best steak houses in the Treasure Valley based on reviews and ranked the top five... do you agree with these picks?

Is The Best Steakhouse in The Treasure Valley in Boise?

Who doesn't love themselves a delicious ribeye? A filet? A sirloin? No matter your favorite cut of meat, the Treasure Valley is home to some of the best steakhouses. Who's number one?

Speaking of game day, do you think this will be the year that Boise gets a professional sports team?

Will 2023 Finally Be The Year Boise Gets A Pro Sports Team?

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