Saturday, August 19th, is the Boise Water Lantern Festival, and after they visited Bend, Oregon, some Boise residents are voicing their opinions.

According to their website, if you're not familiar with the Water Lantern Festival, "As the sun begins to set on the evening sky, the Water Lantern Festival begins to shine with the launch of the lanterns onto the water as we Light The Water together. Watch your unique lantern drift out into the water as it joins other lanterns carrying hope, love, happiness, healing, peace, and connection. Come experience the lights of Water Lantern Festival. It is a night that you will never forget."

Their problem in Bend, Oregon, is that the LED candle ended up at the bottom of the river after the event.

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This post created a lot of concern for Boise residents, who voiced their frustrations with what happened and how they were going to try and stop the event from happening. The Water Lantern Festival website also says, "Our team cleans up all the lanterns following the event. In addition, we also pick up any existing trash that may have previously been in or around the water. Lastly, the lanterns are made from rice paper and wood, so they are as eco-friendly as possible. We also reuse and recycle the LED candles when possible." But this was the aftermath of their stop in Bend, Oregon. 

Several people said they were going to reach out to the Mayor's office, Parks and Rec, and Idaho Rivers United. To help keep something like this from happening. 

If you didn't read the caption below the video, they said that this was after one dive, and they found 75 LED candles. The Water Lantern Festival's Facebook event page has over 2,000 people interested in the event.

Boise Reacts To Water Lantern Festival

After leaving hundreds of LED candles behind in Bend, Oregon, a resident in Bend gave Reddit users a heads up of what happened, and here's how they reacted.

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