If you've never visited Boise, Idaho, you may not be privy to one of her best kept secrets: Boise is secretly a great place to be a foodie. There are so many good places to eat!

Basque, Asian, Latin, Italian, you name it. If it's a type of food you find yourself craving, you shouldn't be too hard pressed to find a spot in Boise that can satiate your hunger pretty easily. That is, unless, you've been spoiled.

Perhaps you've never once dined at the restaurant we're about to mention. Perhaps you've spent your entire life in the Boise are, never having ventured out to enjoy other culinary adventures. If so, that makes us sad, because you're missing out on one of the greatest experiences you can have involving your mouth and food.

That's right. Boise needs a White Castle.

This isn't a sponsored post. This is simply a kid who grew up in the Midwest begging and pleading with the gods of fast food to please bring those stinky, greasy little hamburgers to Idaho's state capitol. Again, many great places to eat in Boise, but White Castle simply hits different.

If you've never enjoyed, then you're missing out on tiny little square-cut burgers with grilled onions and cheese. Yes, it may sound simple, but trust when we say it's not your typical fast food fare.

What's one restaurant you'd like to see come to Boise if your Christmas wish really could come true? Fast food? Something upscale? National chain? Let's chat chow and see what you got!


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