Earlier this week I asked you "What do you think is missing from the Treasure Valley?" and the responses were great! Throughout the comments I noticed a lot of people saying a "Professional sports team" which I decided to follow that up with "If Boise/Treasure Valley were to get a professional sports team, which professional league would you want?"

There were people who decided to just leave which league they would like to have here in Boise, there were also a lot of these comments... 

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There were also people making other suggestions like these and I'm here for it.

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attachment-Screenshot 2022-10-28 125759

I think common sense will tell you that to have a professional team you have to have people that are going to support it and on top of that having the investors willing to put to invest. Then there's the hurdle of going to the league and allowing you to create an expansion team of any sort.

With more people continuing to move to the Treasure Valley could you see this happening in the next 10 to 20 years?

Obviously that's a really difficult question to answer, I think regionally Boise could be a really great spot. With no major sports teams in Wyoming or Montana could we see them supporting a team in Boise? If you're a sports fan there's a really good chance that you already have a favorite team, but that doesn't mean you can't have another or even enjoy attending. Who knows there's a good chance that your favorite team could make there way through Boise as part of their schedule.

So here's how it played out in the comment section.

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