It's one of the most gruesome discoveries ever to have been made in Idaho and to this day, it still remains unexplained.

Was it an act of revenge?

Back in 1979, a family was out looking for arrowheads near the town of Dubois, Idaho which is just over 4 hours from Boise. The family didn't expect to make the discovery that they did and years later, experts believe they uncovered one of Idaho's most brutal cases of revenge.

Even more terrifying? We don't really know what happened and we don't know who was behind it all.

Horrifying Discovery Made In An Idaho Cave Is Still Unexplained

Who was behind the horrific killing of a man that was then cut up into little pieces inside of an Idaho cave? Was he innocent himself?

What do you think really happened? Did a family get sweet (and gruesome) revenge for their loved one? Or, was this simply a horrible and random act of violence?

Take a look at the video of the exploration below and look inside the cave where all of this went down.

It's not the only cold case in Idaho that is unsolved and while this one is the most gruesome, it doesn't necessarily make it the scariest cold case.

One could argue that the case we're about to look at is even worse than that of Jeffrey Dahmer. What do you think happened?

Is This Unsolved Idaho Crime More Horrific Than Jeffrey Dahmer?

In 1979, 12-year-old Christina Lee White went missing in Asotin, Washington, and hasn’t been seen since. It was this disappearance that marked the beginning of what is known as the “Lewis Clark Valley murders” that plagued parts of Washington and Idaho from 1979 to 1982.

Not all unsolved crimes are necessarily horrific and involve murder. As a matter of fact, there are twenty crimes here in Boise that are still unsolved - crimes that we could argue are downright petty.

Have you seen any of these people around town? Have you been a victim of an unsolved case? We would love to hear about it and potentially share your story here.

These 20 Crimes Are Still Unsolved in Boise

Can you identify anyone in these photos or surveillance videos? The Boise Police Department is hoping that you can give them a tip leading to more information! Who would have thought that the City of Boise would have so many unsolved crimes!


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