According to WalletHub, Idaho is one of the worst states for working dads. 

Why is Idaho one of the worst states for working dads? Well, it's based on four major categories: economic & social well-being, work-life balance, Health, and childcare. Even though Idaho is one of the worst states for working dads, Idaho, Utah, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Virginia were all tied at #1 for having the lowest unemployment rate for dads with young kids. 

Washington did make it into the top 10 with an overall score of 58.73. They were also one of the states with high childcare costs (#49) and ranked #2 for the highest men's life expectancy. 

What are the biggest issues facing working dads today? 

One WalletHub expert, Richard Petts, a Professor in the Department of Sociology at Ball State University, said. 

Working dads face pressures to demonstrate devotion to work. Workplaces expect their workers to adhere to ideal worker norms, where workers are expected to work long hours and place work above all else. Additionally, dominant norms of masculinity and fatherhood still prioritize the importance of breadwinning for fathers. This means that fathers face immense pressure to put work first.

Another question Mr. Petts addressed was, how can young fathers strike the right balance between career and family? 

Taking advantage of policies that allow better work-family balance is key. This means taking leave if/when it is available, taking advantage of flexible work policies, etc. Fathers also have to be mindful of workplace pressures, and be sure to prioritize family if it that is important to them.

With that being said, where does Idaho rank on the list? Let's take a look below. 

Idaho Is One of the Worst States For Working Dads

To determine the best and worst states for working dads, WalletHub compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across four key dimensions: 1) Economic & Social Well-Being, 2) Work-Life Balance, 3) Child Care, and 4) Health.

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