We've previously talked about Halloween decorations you can find on Boise's Facebook Marketplace and whether or not some of them are taking it too far.

Let's say that you can't help but feel that your neighbor is crossing the line with their Halloween decorations... what can you do about it?

 You have options, but not many

This is America, and fortunately for us Americans, we have this thing called the First Amendment. While some may not like it - your "offensive" decorations might be protected.

Now, we get that "offensive" can be subjective to some, and some decorations might be seen as graphic to some while others won't bat an eye.

But, what if every single time that you come out of your house all you see is an obscene or explicit image across the street? Body parts? Blood everywhere? Can you actually do anything about it?

Let's look at what you can do about your neighbor's gruesome Halloween decorations.

So, Your Neighbor Has Offensive Decorations In Their Yard... What Can You Do About It?

Is there anything you can actually do about your neighbor's graphic or offensive Halloween set-up?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Personally, none of us have seen anything in the Treasure Valley recently that "triggered" us. That being said, we know that there are people out there who can be more sensitive to horrifying decorations.

Where do you stand on this matter? Do you think there should be a law on how gruesome and graphic Halloween decorations can be in Idaho?

Do you think any of these decorations for sale on Boise's Facebook Marketplace are pushing it too far?

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