Well... did you? We certainly didn't! As a matter of fact, the Satanic Temple of Idaho claims to be a positive influence on Idaho communities... so, are they?

Is The Satanic Temple Good For Idaho?

We know how this sounds and no, we aren't Satanists. But, shouldn't we know what's going on in our backyard, especially if it's associated with the Prince of Darkness?

According to their website, the Satanic Temple of Idaho is "first and foremost a local religious community." They also say that your membership isn't automatically approved either... you have to earn it.

"The minimum time spent as an applicant is 6 months. During this time applicants will need to complete a number of requirements - to include reading, participation in group events, TSTID 101, etc."

They also claim to do several good deeds for Idaho including a book drive for the Idaho Department of Corrections, diaper drives for babies, and even adopting highways they can maintain and care for.

You read that right - the Satanic Temple of Idaho has adopted not one but two highways in Idaho. Now, this might shock some but the process requires approval from the Idaho Transportation Department. You can check out the 20-page document breaking down the process here, but one of the main takeaways is on page five:

No person or group will be denied the opportunity to participate in ITD Volunteer programs because of race, color, age, gender, national origin, veteran status, marital status, political opinions or affiliation, religious opinions or affiliations, or disability...

That means it is perfectly okay for the Satanic Temple to adopt one of our highways... so, which ones did they claim?

According to their site, they adopted "one on 1-90 outside of Couer D Alene, and another on Highway 26 alongside the Palisades Reservoir on the Idaho/Wyoming border."

They also want you to know:

"Your friendly Idaho Satanists will be doing their part to keep Idaho clean!"

The 7 Tenets of the Satanic Temple of Idaho

Here's a look at the core beliefs of The Satanic Temple of Idaho according to their site.

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