One of the best things about Idaho is also one of the creepiest things about Idaho - the wilderness.

The thing is, the woods and mountains of Idaho are so vast that not only is it easy to get lost, it doesn't seem like we fully understand what's going on out there.

Something big is lurking in the mountains of Idaho

We came across a video on YouTube that at first seemed just mysterious but as it went on, it got more creepy.

A video posted to the channel Muskrat Outdoors shows us an encampment of some sort deep in the woods and mountains of Idaho. The uploader of the video added a description that adds to the mystery of the video and presents some valid questions:

Over the years I have found some strange things, but this tops them all! How long has this been there? What happened to the trapper? Is his body still undiscovered laying in the woods nearby? Why did he not come back?

Then things get a little interesting when the poster presents a theory that has this author a bit excited...

Could it really have been Sasquatch? So many questions.....if only the woods would tell....There's strange things done in the wild places , some that might scare you to death if you knew the answers to.....

How's THAT for cryptic and horrifying? When you look at some of the structures that were built in the woods, it's hard to imagine average-sized humans setting up the logs we see that appear to weigh hundreds of pounds.

Is it possible that we're looking at the home base of operations for the mythical Bigfoot? Or, is the original poster of the video onto something about the body of the person behind it being nearby in the woods?

Who - or what - do you think was behind this mysterious set-up?

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