When you live and love a place like Boise and the Treasure Valley, with that love comes passion. We see it all the time and the argument could be made that nobody has more pride in their home than people born and raised in Idaho.

One of South Boise's best commutes will soon be no more

It's not just people who were born here either; anyone can fall in love with Boise: people who have moved here for work, people visiting family, or even tourists with no connection.

That brings us to one of the best commutes you can take in south Boise. And no, it's not a road you'll spend 30 minutes driving on but it's a route that most of us take for granted:

Lake Hazel to Orchard

Again, we know it's not the longest road but for the short time that you drive it, you instantly are reminded of not just what Idaho "used to be"... but what it is and that's breathtaking.

Unfortunately, we're going to start seeing a lot more "improvements" made in this area and the beautiful views you're about to see will soon be a thing of the past.

One Of South Boise's Best Drives Will Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

It's one of the more beloved roads in south Boise and unfortunately for us, it won't stay this beautiful forever.

Now, it's easy to blame this on all of the people moving in, and for those who are new, you probably don't want to get any blame at all!

Don't worry - we got you covered. We have the top twelve things that you might be doing to reveal you're not from Idaho. Study up!

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