Do you and your dogs have a Summer bucket list? There's a dog pool in Kuna that should definitely be on it.

We are having some seriously hot days in the Treasure Valley right now, and when it comes to our dogs, keeping them cool should be our number one priority — and that's hard to do when you want to have fun with them and make sure they're getting the appropriate amount of exercise.

Dogs are vulnerable to heat-related issues, so it's really important to keep our dogs safe and cool during the hot summer months.

At home, keep them inside to avoid the severe heat. When they're outside, ensure plenty of shade and cool resting spots in your yard, and always keep their water bowls filled with fresh water to prevent dehydration.

On walks, avoid peak heat hours and scorching pavements that can burn sensitive paw pads. If you're looking for fun ways to cool off, check out the newly opened "dog pool" in Kuna, which offers a refreshing splash zone for your pets!

Potential Unleashed in Kuna, Idaho
Potential Unleashed in Kuna, Idaho

Potential Unleashed in Kuna, Idaho

2735 E. Kuna Rd.

Yes—a swimming pool for your dogs! The owner and creator of the pool is Brittni Heywood, and she is a certified dog trainer in the area, born and raised here in Idaho.

There are a lot of places you can take your dogs swimming in the Boise area, but what about the health and safety of your pets? That seems to be the biggest concern for locals regarding dogs and swimming in local rivers and lakes etc. And it's why Brittni made this solution!

After-all, your dog is at risk of getting waterborne diseases, algae poisoning, skin Infections, and parasites... and also at risk of running into uncontrolled water temperatures, strong currents, and foreign objects etc.

That's why many of us are excited to have a safe place to get out and have fun with our dogs at a dedicated dog swimming pool!

Remember, never leave your dogs in the car, and make sure they're not walking on pavement that is too hot.

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