Ever wanted to see the inside of a nine-million-dollar mountain-top home in Sun Valley? I repeat... nine-MILLION-dollars. That is just absolutely incredible, and definitely one of the most expensive homes I’ve ever heard about in Idaho. Keep scrolling to check out the insane location of this one we found in Ketchum👇

The home was on the market a while back, but it has since sold to one very lucky buyer. Here are some details from the home’s listing...

“Magnificent views! This rare parcel is unique in the marketplace. The privacy is superb, and the mountain-top home is only 10 minutes from downtown Ketchum. The only large ski-in ski-out home/parcel at the #1 Ski Resort in North America. The 1992 Lodge is 5,471 square feet and is comprised of 4 bedrooms, 2 kitchens, 3.5 bathrooms, and many more features.”

Schitts Creek Comedy GIF By CBC

Uh, yeah whoever has this home now definitely "paid extra" for it haha! I love that meme.

Anyway, the home appears to have sold for $8,950,000 and I personally think it's gotta be mostly for the location. Realtors are always saying, location, location, location! Well, this one just so happens to be on one of the most traveled ski destinations in the world! Pretty great location if you ask me...

Intermountain MLS | Windermere Real Estate | Randy Flood
Intermountain MLS | Windermere Real Estate | Randy Flood

Check out the pictures of the master bedroom upstairs, the amazing views, and more information about the location etc. And keep scrolling for 30+ pictures of the property and other astonishing homes in Idaho 👇

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