I went to an establishment last week for dinner and was looking forward to trying their fries and only after having a couple I couldn't eat anymore. They we're just overly seasoned and even the fry sauce couldn't help mask the seasoning, so as I was sitting there eating my burger, I started to ponder... who has the best fries in Boise? What better way to figure who has the best fries than ask you and that's exactly what I did.

What I love about this is that we get to discover new places, but I also had a fear that most people would say McDonalds. McDonalds was mentioned several times but and it actually turned into a thing for a hot second. 

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Did you know that KFC has fries? I sure didn't, they're called "Secret Recipe Fries" 

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Don't worry KFC didn't steal the show. 99% of the comments supported local establishments which what I was hoping for! If you need an excuse to enjoy French Fries than you'll have to wait until next year, National French Fry Day is July 13th.

Not only did I count votes by how many mentions they had in the comment sections, I also counted any "LIKES" that comment may have had as well.

They we're mentioned or liked as much as the Top 3,, but I think worth mentioning:

  • Smashburger
  • Big Judds
  • Sid's Garage
  • Reef
  • The Orchard House
  • Nampa Bowl
  • Bogus Basin
  • Smokey Mountain
  • Legends On Main
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I had no idea that Fry Sauce was such a big thing in Idaho until I saw the comments about it, and realized that most places in that I've been to offer Fry Sauce.

If there was an upset, could it be that the Boise Fry Company didn't make it into the Top 7, here's who did.

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