Time To Let The Goose Loose! 

Going through my regular routine of scrolling through the Boise Reddit thread, I stumbled up a trending picture that people couldn't stop talking about and for good reason. Someone who I spoke to, who we want to keep anonymous would like to referred to as the Guardian of the Goose decided to merge two of the most popular things in Boise. The Boise State Broncos and the  Canadian Geese.

This person said "I've never saw a bronco on campus, but I sure did see a lot of geese! Anyone who went to BSU or lives in Boise knows what it's like to feel like it's a goose's world and we are just living in it. Especially in the spring, they let you know whose boss. That's the fierce spirit that I think truly embodies Boise - like it or not, we've all got a goose inside us."

Should this be the Boise mascot? 


That's right, the Guardian of  the Goose  created stickers that you can purchase as well from their Instagram account. We also need to mention that this person is not affiliated with BSU and has only created the sticker as a parody.

One person on the Reddit said " This may be the coolest thing I have ever seen on the Boise subreddit. I would pay real money for those."

Since we're on the subject of mascots, we've got some more that are little far fetched, but there's one on this list that really could be the Idaho mascot, and actually already is.

9 Picks For The State of Idaho's Mascot That Will Make You Giggle

What should a mascot for Idaho look like? We asked and had a nice laugh with your suggestions...

Might not be a bad idea to rock one of these during a Boise State Football game. Make sure you check out the schedule this year and get ready for some football.


Some new foes and familiar faces await the Broncos.

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