Want to find the cheapest gas prices in Boise? 

We are all getting rocked by inflation, so we want to save money anywhere we can, and if we can save money on gas, then even better. Most of us use it daily unless you snagged one of the remote jobs during COVID, and then you're propbably not using gas as much. 

According to AAA, Idaho isn't enjoying the effects of lower fuel prices nationwide. The National average today (02/21) is $3.40, which is down, and so is the average gas price in Idaho. The average gas price in Idaho today (02/21) is $3.68.

We have seen a lot of fluctuation over the past year regarding the average gas prices throughout Idaho. Take a look at the breakdown: 

Regular Gas

  • A Year Ago Avg. - $3.51
  • A Month Ago Avg. - $3.40
  • A Week Ago Avg. - $3.67
  • Current Avg. - $3.68

In Boise, the average gas price for regular happens to be higher: 

  • A Year Ago Avg. - $3.57
  • A Month Ago Avg. - $3.43
  • A Week Ago Avg. - $3.83
  • Current Avg. - $3.82

Coeur D'Alene has had the cheapest gas over the last year for regular: 

  • A Year Ago Avg. - $3.36
  • A Month Ago Avg. - $3.23
  • A Week Ago Avg. - $3.23
  • Current Avg. - $3.32

If gas prices are something you like to keep track of and take advantage of the cheapest gas you can find, then you're in luck. Have you heard of GasBuddy? It's fantastic, and you can get up-to-date gas prices no matter where you are. So not only can you check gas prices out online, but you can download the app too! 

Note that if you shop at Albertsons, you can save even more on gas with their reward program. I saved $.50 just a couple of weeks ago.

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