Over the last few years, our government has declassified several files on UFOs/UAPs. Just last year, there was a congressional hearing on UFOs/UAPs, and while they haven't come out and said aliens exist, there are signs everywhere.

Did we overlook one of the biggest signs ever?

UFO/UAP sightings are nothing new in Utah or even Idaho. Utah is even home to one of the biggest hotspots for UFO and paranormal activity with the infamous Skinwalker Ranch.

However, there was one sign right in front of us all back in 2020 and to this day, there is still no explanation.

We're talking about the mysterious monolith that appeared in southeast Utah. Here's what we know about it...

It's Time To Admit This Unexplained Utah Structure Is A Big Deal

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Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

The thing is when you consider how many UFO/UAP sightings there have been over the last few years coupled with the testimonies from the government about what's going on in our skies... you have to believe that something else is going on here.

The problem is that so many artists tried to take credit for the structure that we all simply accepted as being the origin of the monolith.

Let's remember: we have no proof of where it came from... or who took it down.

And about that!

Does it freak anyone else out that the YouTube channel for the people claiming to be responsible is gone? We couldn't find the original anywhere except in that video we found with Inside Edition.

What do you think is really behind the monolith and the other monoliths all around the world? Was it aliens or was it the work of one of the artists claiming responsibility?

Let us know your thoughts here.

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