It has to be tough to scare someone in 2023. Seriously - think about it: what hasn't been done before?

We're all numb to everything... well, almost all of us

If you're a huge fan of horror movies like some of us, it probably takes a lot to get scared at a movie. The same thing has to apply to people who love haunted houses; if you're a haunted house guru who loves to get scared and has spent the majority of their fall season inside haunted houses, you're one of the toughest critics to creep out.

Maybe, that's what's happening in these reviews we came across of haunted houses in Idaho. And look, we don't doubt that the people behind these houses really tried to scare their guests... sometimes, it just doesn't work out.

Other times, it's just downright hilarious.

8 Idaho Haunted House Reviews That Are So Bad They're Hilarious

Have you had a worse experience at a haunted house in Idaho than these people?

People don't just have high expectations for haunted houses either. As a matter of fact, no industry is off-limits when it comes to reviews... especially strip clubs.

Anything can happen at a strip club; if you don't believe us, we have the reviews to prove it. One person even shared in their web review that they went into a strip club and "left with a child"... um, what?

Do you think these reviews of strip clubs are too bad to be true? Or have you experienced anything like these reviews?

Hilarious Reviews of Boise Strip Clubs

We share some of the funniest reviews of strip clubs from right here in Boise!

Some of these sound too hard to believe, huh? Well, we've got plenty more where that came from. It's interesting (to this author at least) that people would actually take to the internet to leave a review for a strip club in the first place... but, here we are.

More Hilarious Boise Strip Club Reviews We Can't Believe Are True

We found more hilarious strip club reviews from right here in Boise that you have to see to believe!

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