On November 4th, 2023, the Kuna Community Food Drive is once again bringing residents together for a cause that truly defines the spirit of giving. The initiative, which aims to benefit the Kuna Food Bank and local pantries, has been generating a buzz on social media, thanks to posts shared on community Facebook pages and groups.

To underscore this significant event, we wanted to share 3 facts about the food drive with you...

1. The Kuna Community Food Drive has proved to be the primary source of donations for the Kuna Food Bank throughout the year. It's not just a food drive; it's a lifeline for those facing food insecurity, and the local community's support is what makes it possible.

2. What sets this food drive apart is that over 85% of the food distributed by the Kuna Food Bank comes directly from the community of Kuna. This is a testament to the unity and generosity of the people in that area. By participating, residents ensure that their neighbors in need have access to essentials.

3. Over 100 volunteers, including many high school students, play a pivotal role in making the food drive a success. These young community members dedicate their time to prepare, execute, and support the event.

Here are the details and drop-off locations:

People will be coming door to door to collect food donations at 9am. If you missed that deadline, there are drop-off locations at the Kuna Food Bank, Albertsons, Les Schwab Tires, and the Kuna Library. Your contributions are always welcome.

For questions or ideas on what to donate, visit the Kuna Food Bank website at kunafoodbank.org, which lists recommended items. Please ensure items are not expired, with a 2024 or later date, and avoid glass containers for safety. For inquiries or more additional questions of if you'd like to volunteer, reach out to the Kuna Food Bank at 208-922-4745.

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