Boise Airport (BOI) and Avelo Airlines recently announced, and have been actively promoting, the new nonstop flights beginning this month that connect Boise to California's Bay Area/Sonoma County (STS). The inaugural flight was Thursday, May 2nd, 2024, and there was quite the celebration. Check out the post below:

The initial announcement from both the Boise Airport and Avelo Airlines was shared on Facebook, and it outlines the introduction of 4 new routes connecting Sonoma County to Boise, Idaho, as well as to Portland/Salem, Oregon, Kalispell, Montana, and Pasco Tri-Cities, Washington.

Boise Airport Celebrates Avelo Airlines' inaugural flight to Sonoma County, California

According to Boise Airport, "We're thrilled that Avelo Airlines will be offering nonstop flights to Bay Area/Sonoma County (STS) this May, providing access to renowned wineries and stunning redwood forests!"

Wheels Up: Avelo Airlines Takes Flight
Getty Images for Avelo Air

Travelers can take advantage of booking affordable one-way fares starting at just $62, with flights already scheduled all throughout the month of May, including the inaugural Boise route that took place on May 2nd.

This development offers increased convenience and accessibility for Boise-area residents looking to explore the Bay Area and Sonoma County, California. Additionally, this makes it easier and more affordable for Californians in Idaho to visit California. The addition of these nonstop routes is expected to enhance tourism and create stronger connections between the Treasure Valley and popular West Coast destinations.

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