A Conservative Boise State professor is once again making waves over a recent speech that he gave at a local high school. Doctor Scott Yenor appeared at Eagle High School as part of a Turning Point USA event called Turning Point Eagle. You may recall that Doctor Yenor was threatened with physical violence and fired for his political beliefs.

Dr. Yenor was not fired and continues his work. Here is a brief look at the cancel culture's attempt to get him from his last speech. You can read our coverage of what happened the last time here.

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Here is his response to his critics that want him fired.


Doctor Yenor Speaks at Eagle High School

  Doctor Yenor's speech consisted of his beliefs concerning men and women. The reception was different from what folks expected. The organizers welcomed the professor and asked the crowd to accept other opinions. The organizers wanted a healthy exchange of conflicting ideas.

What happened next is what happens when a Conservative speaks at a college campus. The speech took place during the lunch hour at Eagle High School. Eagle High School students do not listen to the speech but begin to heckle and boo Dr. Yenor. We're not profiling a school in the Bay Area but one of the most conservative cities in Idaho. It didn't take the liberals on social media to take shots at the BSU conservative.      


You can see his entire speech and the reaction from the Eagle High School students below.

His other speeches are below.

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