As Idaho's political season draws to a close, the election, despite being a few months away, is already upon us. The air is thick with political messages, and the candidates, in their relentless pursuit of victory, are leaving no stone unturned. 

Do Idaho Politicians Make a Lot of Money?

In our system, most candidates are not vying for full-time office unless they're a congressman or a state official. State representatives and senators, for instance, are part-time workers who hold full-time jobs, reflecting the diverse backgrounds of our political leaders.

Precinct Committeemen, who play a crucial role, are unpaid. It's important to note that the elections at the lower levels, often overlooked, are equally significant in shaping our political landscape, underscoring the importance of every vote.

However, several state races this year have exceeded one hundred thousand dollars. In addition to the spending by the individual campaigns, political action committees or PACs, which are independent organizations that can raise unlimited sums of money to support or oppose political candidates, are spending their contributions on positive and negative ads. These PACs can significantly influence the outcome of an election, making their role crucial in the political landscape. 

Political Ads Are Everywhere!

Before big money and special interest groups took over the Gem State, most campaigns relied on old-fashioned methods of conveying their message. On weeknights and weekends, supporters and politicians knocked on doors, answered questions, and handed out flyers. 

Today, Idahoans are overwhelmed with mailers, radio ads, digital ads, television ads, and now ads sent to their phones. If a politician asks for your phone number, DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM! 

Politicians and PACs are sending text messages to phones. Is nothing sacred to the people who send endless text messages? The only good news is that in two weeks, it will all be over until November. 

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