In a commendable display of efficiency and cooperation, officials, schools, and law enforcement responded rapidly to anonymous bomb threats that ultimately prompted the closure of all schools within the Vallivue School District and Emmett School District earlier today, Wednesday, December 13th, 2023.

Local authorities revealed that multiple school districts in the area received identical threats, causing concern among educators, parents, and students. However, the Nampa Police Department confirmed at 10:08am that the threat directed at the Vallivue School District was fake after a thorough investigation, according to a report from KTVB.

Despite the unsettling situation, both school districts executed emergency plans flawlessly. Vallivue School District kept parents informed with regular updates on social media, emphasizing the ongoing safety measures in place. Likewise, the local police departments responded quickly and were making updates.

Emmett School District evacuated schools as a precaution and Vallivue School District instructing students to return home for the day. The coordinated efforts to ensure the safety of students and staff were met with success, and we're very grateful to report that everyone is unharmed and the threats appear to be fake, according to local law enforcement.

We wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation for those who responded to this situation. This incident, though unsettling and concerning, serves as a testament to the preparedness and professionalism of the officials, schools, and law enforcement in the Treasure Valley.

As we reflect on today's events, there's a lot to be grateful for—a fast and effective response, including thorough investigations and the safe evacuation of students, ensuring safety and protection for everyone.

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