Answer this if you live in Idaho: Do you love Idaho or hate it here? Most people are very proud to live in the Gem State, and thankfully, our neighboring states don't appear to have any big problems with us either! At least, not that we know of... But what do you think; is among the most hated or respected states in America? Let's take a look!

There’s a study by Zippia that examines the sentiments towards each state across the country, and Idaho emerges as a real standout, earning high marks for respect and admiration.

What else can we find out about Idaho?

Canva | Boise, Idaho
Canva | Boise, Idaho

According to Zippia’s research, Idaho is ranked number 47 on a list of the most-hated states in America — making it actually one of the least-hated states in America because it's so low on the list (47).

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As for the most hated states in America, let’s see if this comes as a surprise to any of us.

States like Illinois and California face significant challenges in gaining the favor of most Americans. Illinois, notably, is rated as the most-hated state in the the country, even by its own residents. Meanwhile, California deals with widespread animosity from other states, earning the dubious distinction of being the most disliked state in America.

Idahoans have reason to celebrate our state's esteemed reputation!

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