The good news is that Idaho gas prices are not going up, at least not this week. Another small piece of good news is that gas prices in Idaho are now averaging a price below $5 a gallon. The bad news is that oil is still expensive, although it has dropped below $100 a barrel. Idaho is currently the seventh most expensive state to purchase gasoline.

Looking to save more money on gas and get more mileage out of your vehicle?  Check out these money saving tips.  (Story continues after gallery.)

7 Gas Saving Tips that will save you money!

We look at seven gas-saving tips courtesy of AAA Idaho/Oregon.

In a recent release, AAA Idaho revealed that Idaho's gas prices dropped 11 cents in a week and 34 cents from a month ago. However, the national average is $4.21 a gallon. California has the highest price per gallon at $5.61. Can you guess which state has the cheapest gas in the country? If you thought Texas, you'd be correct at $3.71. Remember when our gas was well below that price? That seems like a decade ago!

Looking for more ways to save money and stretch those gasoline dollars?  Here's two quick money saving hacks. 
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Use These 2 Brilliant Life Hacks to Save Money on Gas in Boise

Are gas prices holding you back from a road trip you were looking forward too? Use these life hacks to save a few dollars at the pump and get on the road!

Idahoans continue to drive their large vehicles and RVs and pull their trailers. Folks are spending money on vacations and camping, costing them more. Here's a look at how cheap gas was in our state compared to what we were paying today.  


Does Idaho Have An Answer to High Fuel Costs?

There appears to be no motivation from the legislature or governor's office to find a solution to Idaho's ongoing high fuel cost. The state is overly dependent on the Salt Lake refinery for most of its fuel. Idaho does buy some gas from Washington and Montana.

Cheap Gas versus Premium?

Last year, we reported how the Idaho senate rewarded Idaho's Attorney General Lawrence Wasden for going after gas price gougers. Instead of finding a solution to help their constituents, they passed a bill stripping the attorney general of his powers to police gas price gougers.  

We urge our lawmakers to get off their duffs, do their jobs, and find a solution to Idaho's fuel crisis.

Need A Laugh? The Internet Hilariously Trolls The High Gas Prices

Only the people on the Internet can turn such a stressful event into something so funny.

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