The president is on the road after his State of the Union speech. Whether you watch Fox News, other channels, or your favorite media platform, Americans are still talking about the kiss between Doug Emoff, Kamala's husband, and Jill Biden. You don't have to follow politics like it's a bloodsport to figure out something is very wrong with the optics of their passionate kiss.

As we reported here, many Idahoans have shared with us their thoughts on the couple's embrace. We've had a chance to get more folks to comment and wanted to share those with you. Before we get to those comments, we must remember that President Joe likes the ladies. In fact, we reported on his behavior mimicking the popular song from the 1960s The Wanderer here. 

Here's a look back at just how much Joe loves the ladies.

Check Out Creepy Joe Biden Sniffing and Wandering

A preview of the most popular video in some Idaho circles.

Could Doctor Jill Biden be fed up with the president's sniffing and grabbing the ladies young and old? We can't comment on what led her to kissing Mr. Harris, however we'd like to share with you the thoughts and views of your fellow family friendly Idahoans from social media.

Jake on Twitter said: To me, it shows how the Democrat party lacks fundamental morals. For the party who pushed Covid the hardest they sure don’t seemed to be worried about Covid. They believe in abortion might as well throw in adultery too


Truthseeker: Married for 13 years and can't imagine myself doing that. Maybe that's how elites greet each other in NYC and DC cocktail parties, but in my more traditional, conservative upbringing, that will never be comfortable for me.


Dutch: Imagine what “they” (politicians from both sides of the imaginary aisle) do behind closed doors... we truly are One Nation Under Blackmail.

Redstate 208: Allow me to ghostwrite your article... "Disgusting". That is all.

Rick: Idaho GOP continues the clown show and witch hunts. Jill Biden planted a direct smooch to the mouth of Bonnie Raitt at the Grammy Awards as she was presented with song of the year. It appears that’s the way she does it.


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