We'll openly admit it: Always being kind in 2024 can be a difficult task at times.

While we all have the intention to be nice to others on a day-to-day basis, it can prove difficult when it feels like every news article you read is about someone verbally attacking someone else.

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Hopefully you're ready to get out of that funk you get when everyone around you is being nasty, because we're about to introduce you to the absolute nicest person you'll ever meet in Idaho.

And...it's you!

That's right. You are the kindest person in the state of Idaho. Even if you may not feel like it, the power to treat others equally and respectfully is right inside of you! We know it isn't always easy being polite, or sometimes even just being civil, with others, but we simply have to try. If not you and I, then who?

Even if you feel like "one side" represents you more than another, can't we all agree that nothing will change and none of us will see improvement until we can learn to live with each other, and treat each other with grace and empathy?

For this writer, it's an every day decision. You've got to wake up and say to yourself:

Self, even if today sucks, I am not going to suck. I am a force for good, even when the world doesn't want me to be.


You got this. You're amazing. Now get out there and make somebody's day!


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