Whether you are new to Idaho or looking to make a difference, this week is a great week to do so. Did you know that Idaho is the second most giving/charitable state in the union? National reports say Utah is the nation's most giving state.

Today kicks off the annual Idaho Gives campaign, where the state's nonprofits unite to seek donations to further their great causes, such as providing food for the hungry, shelter for the homeless, and education for the underprivileged.

Every nonprofit organization that helps Idahoans with two or four leggings is on one website, making it incredibly easy for you to contribute your time and treasure. Here is the website. 

Idaho Gives will run till Thursday night, but the need for your support doesn't end there. You can continue to donate and volunteer all year long, ensuring the sustainability of these vital community services. 

Can you imagine not having food, shelter, or you or someone you know is fearful of their life? What happens if you lose your job or your health? Let's not forget the folks who run animal shelter that take care of so many four legged family members looking for their next home.

Idaho Gives is a perfect way to learn about charitable groups in our area or state. Some may wonder if every donation counts and yes it does, every cent, dime, quarter, dollar is multiplied by the dedicated groups who chose people and animals as their top priorities. Please consider making a difference and participate in Idaho Gives today.

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