Boise area locals are battling insane traffic on I-84 every single day, and we understand the frustration of being stuck in seemingly endless traffic jams. What's the main cause of this?

"Bottlenecking" – the phenomenon where a minor incident, like a simple traffic stop, triggers massive traffic snarls that can stretch for miles. This causes unnecessary slowdowns and frequent accidents.

Sound familiar? That's just a normal day on the roads around here.

Imagine you're stopped on the road for 30-minutes on your way to work, and you expect a major accident is going to be up ahead or something — only to find a lone motorcycle cop conducting a routine traffic stop safely on the roadside... Your frustration is evident. "REALLY? That's it?!"

This scenario is all too common for Boise residents, leading to significant delays and making you late for work or important appointments. But it doesn't have to be this way, and hopefully the right people will see the following rules to prevent bottlenecking...

How to Prevent Bottlenecking

Moving Over: Idaho does have a "move over" law, which requires drivers to move over and slow down when passing a stopped emergency vehicle with flashing lights. However, you don't need to slam on your breaks and completely disrupt the flow of traffic.

Maintain Consistent Speed: Stay at a consistent speed and maintain the flow of traffic. Avoid slamming on your brakes unless it's absolutely necessary for safety reasons.

Do Not Rubberneck: Whatever you do, resist the urge to slow down or peer over to get a glimpse of the incident. Rubbernecking can cause unnecessary slowdowns and even accidents

Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash
Photo by Clark Van Der Beken on Unsplash

.Merge Early: If you see a pulled-over vehicle ahead and notice that the traffic is slowing down, start merging into the appropriate lane well in advance to avoid last-minute lane changes that disrupt traffic flow.

Keep Space & Stay Alert: Keep your attention on the road ahead and allow space. That way, if something does come up or someone does slam on their breaks, you're prepared.

By following these common sense driving rules, everyday drivers can help reduce the ripple effect of bottlenecking caused by police stops on the highway, ensuring a safer and smoother commute for everyone.

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