Everyone knows that Idaho is known for its potatoes, but how do people from Idaho feel about potatoes? How do natives enjoy arguably one of the greatest crops of all time?

There's a right way... and a wrong way...

Cooking a potato is an art and if you do it wrong, you could wind up with a bland and chunky mess. We asked people from Idaho to share what way they think is the best way to enjoy a potato. It sounds like a simple question but if you stop and think about it - it's a deep question.

You could say basic things like french fries, tater tots, and mashed potatoes but it goes beyond that. How do you put that special spin on your potatoes? Are you getting creative with something like cheddar-infused mashed potatoes? Or, do you prefer to go to a local spot that serves up a potato in a way that no one else can?

Scroll on to see six ways people from Idaho say you should enjoy a potato...

The 6 Correct Ways To Enjoy A Potato According To People From Idaho

Most people associate Idaho with potatoes, but how do the people that are from Idaho actually like their potatoes? Here is what they said...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Here's the crazy part about French fries... they weren't invented in Idaho and Belgium has more to do with it than we realize.

Scroll on to learn more about the lie we've all been living...

How Are People Forgetting French Fries Don't Come From Idaho?

How quick we all are to forget that one of our favorite foods isn't even from Idaho!

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Speaking of lies, did you know one of America's greatest fast-food chains is also a lie? We're talking about the colonel himself and it's time to unveil the truth.

Read on to see how Kentucky Fried Chicken has been misleading all of us...

The First Ever Kentucky Fried Chicken Is Actually In Utah

Did anyone else know that the original KFC was just 5 hours away from Boise?

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