A terrifying alligator incident that took place on Saturday, Sept. 9 in Texas has one of Mother Nature's most dangerous reptiles top of mind for many Idahoans.

Alligator Pursues Kids Swimming in Texas

It was a sunny day at the lake when a group group of kids experienced a horrifying encounter with an alligator.

Onlooker David Siljeg caught it all on camera during his to Huntsville State Park. Unaware of how large the gator was, Siljeg assumed the splashing would shoo the reptile away. Siljeg was wrong.

When it was clear the reptile measuring over 12-feet-long was poised to attack, a man jumped into the water to rescue to the screaming kids. As he rushed them to safety, a woman armed with a floaty waded into the water and deterred the beast.

Check out Siljeg's video below!

Could what happened in Texas happen here in Idaho?

Possibly. It might come as a shock, but there are gators in the Gem State; a few anyway, and technically they're not "wild" per se.

Located in beautiful Buhl, Idaho, Miracle Hot Springs is home to a small population of one of the world's most lethal reptiles. If you're wondering how gators can thrive in Idaho weather, Hagerman Valley's mild winters and high-temp summers are actually great for the cold-blooded reptilians.

Realistically, an incident like the one that unfolded in Texas probably wouldn't happen in Idaho. Then again, the gator incident that took place in Nampa a few years ago tells us it's possible!

Scroll on for OMG account of Idahoans' scariest animal encounters!

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You Can Sleep with Alligators in Idaho?

Most definitely! If an overnight adventure with Idaho's squamate reptiles sounds like your jam, campers at Miracle Hot Springs slumber just a few feet away from them!

Scroll below for a look at Buhl, Idaho's one-of-a-kind Miracle Hot Springs!

This Hot Springs Attraction Has Alligators

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To make your accommodations for family-style or couples' camping at Miracle Hot Springs, click here.

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