Cancel culture is a thing we're having to constantly deal with in 2023. It's no longer "I don't like that. I'm going to ignore that." It's become "I don't like that. Therefore, we must end it so no one can experience it." We've seen it hundreds of times in recent memory, and it feels like it's gone way, way too far in this instance.

Every year, Boise hosts an incredible annual film festival, Les Bois Film Festival. This year, it's taking place on Saturday, April 8th at JUMP in Boise. Per their website:

Les Bois Film Festival screens nature and outdoor films inspiring viewers to forge a deeper connection with the natural world. Film screenings serve as a launching pad for building a community around conservation and wildland and working lands preservation in Idaho's Treasure Valley.

It's a great event! Who could get mad at a film festival showcasing fantastic works of cinematic achievement? Well, people got mad. That's who.

Apparently, some folks have interpreted the name Les Bois Film Festival to have some sort of connection to...lesbians? Angry locals have been leaving some scathing comments online about how they want Les Bois canceled because just the name is offensive to them?

Some of the comments have us floored:

Les Bois Film Festival - It's Not About Lesbians

It looks like folks are very angry. Mostly because they can't read very well.

To be very clear, Les Bois Film Festival isn't about lesbians. Could you possibly see lesbians there, or even (gasp!) on screen? Yes, possibly.

If that makes you uncomfortable, then that just leaves seats in the theater for us to put our feet up on :)

Yes, we're joking. Yes, this is satire. Hope you got a good laugh out of it!

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