SPOILER WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS ahead for Season 6, Episode 11 of AMC's ‘Better Call Saul’!

It’s been 3 years since we were treated to an epic epilogue of AMC’s hit series ‘Breaking Bad’ in the form of ‘El Camino’ starring Idaho’s own, Aaron Paul. ‘Better Call Saul’, a show based on ‘Breaking Bad’ character, Sal Goodman, chronicles the titular character’s transformation from a hopeless law student as Jimmy McGill to the now infamous wise-cracking and crooked lawyer in Saul Goodman.

On Monday night, Paul made a somewhat dramatic return as Pinkman along with ‘Breaking Bad’ co-star Bryan Cranston who starred as Walter White; a chemistry teacher who begins cooking meth upon hearing his cancer diagnosis.

Fans were teased of the cameo months in advance when the show's official Instagram sent the internet into a frenzy with a post simply captioned: "They're coming back. #BetterCallSaul"

When we last saw the iconic TV duo, Cranston's Walter White was killed in the explosive season finale of 'Breaking Bad' while Paul's Jesse Pinkman's story concluded in the series follow-up film 'El Camino' on Netflix. The duo made their return when they appeared in ski masks in the final season's third to last episode (S6E11). This scene took place in the opening and was a clear reference to the episode in 'Breaking Bad' when the iconic duo first made their "business arrangement" with Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman.

The episode goes on to fulfill fan service for 'Breaking Bad' fans with several updates on different characters from the original series (and an update on 'El Camino') via a phone booth call with Saul's former receptionist, Francesca played by Tina Parker. The call even revealed [SPOILER ALERT] that Kim Wexler from the 'Better Call Saul' series is in fact alive in the "current timeline." The most recent episode (S6E11) ended in grand style by revealing both Paul's Jesse Pinkman and Cranston's Walter White's first interaction with Odenkirk's Saul as they talk business and make their "arrangement."

The trio gave everyone a taste of nostalgia with the infamous banter that fans came to know and love between Jesse, Walter, and Saul. Twitter went wild, sharing their epic reactions to seeing Idaho native, Aaron Paul along with his buddy Bryan Cranston being teased to return to the franchise in the award-winning 'Breaking Bad'spin-off.


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