Before we get to the big one, we can't talk about Guinness World Records without talking first about Idahoan David Rush. According to his David Rush 4 STEM website he, "is one of the most prolific Guinness World Records title holders on the planet and his records have been viewed and heard over 100 million times. He is an author, speaker, entertainer, MC, and technology industry veteran at Cradlepoint the industry leader in cloud-delivered 4G and 5G network solutions. He has an electrical engineering degree from MIT, an MBA from Boise State."

David has broken almost more world records than anyone else in the world. This is his life and how he makes a living. From weird, to fun to difficult to funny, David has done it all and won most of it. David breaks Guinness World Records to promote STEM education, and just passed a massive benchmark: Breaking 52 Guinness World Records in 52 weeks.

According to, "Rush kicked off the year by breaking the record for stacking bars of wet soap with neighbor Jonathan “Hollywood” Hannon, and broke 50 others before finishing the year by teaming up with another neighbor to cover a person in wrapping paper. Rush said one of his most difficult records during the year, the most kiwis sliced ​​in one minute using a samurai sword while standing on a Swiss ball, resulting in his overall 200th Guinness title."

This guy is talented in anything and everything in the strangest ways with his record streak. His site mentions a few saying, "He is the world’s fastest juggler, the world’s slowest juggler, and has the record for most bowling balls juggled, most consecutive ax juggling catches, and longest duration balancing a bicycle on the chin." - and oh so many more.

David has been on the Today Show, America's Got Talent, The Huckabee Show, Late Late Show with James Corden, Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, The Ellen Show, Guinness World Records “Meet the Record Breakers” and “Best of the Month” regular, Inside Edition, Morning Edition on NPR, Bob and Tom Show, Dan Le Batard Show, ESPN’s Highly Questionable, BBC Radio, plus - Dozens of radio interviews
Thousands of appearances on local, national, and international media for inspiring (and crazy) record attempts.

There is a pretty major Guinness World Record here in Idaho that David was not a part of. Readers Digest created each state's Craziest world record. So what was the top for Idaho?

"Largest straw bale maze record. Known for its potatoes and other farms, a fall getaway in Idaho isn’t complete without a straw maze. But hey, why do a typical maze when you can do a massive one? In Rupert, Idaho, Garden Cents created the “Mega Maze” and beat the world record of the biggest straw bale maze ever. They used 3,202 bales of straw and the maze measured 1.6 miles."

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