Do you remember that movie The Blair Witch Project that came out back in the day? It's the "found footage" style film that shows three college kids getting lost in the woods and (spoiler alert if you actually intend on going back to watch it) presumably are taken by a demonic witch in the forest. If that's your thing, well, now you have a chance to have a similar experience right here in Idaho. It's actually pretty terrifying...

Are you brave enough to hike in a haunted forest?

We're not talking about a fun-haunted forest either... we're talking about the scary-blood-curdling-scream-infested haunted forest. It's the stuff of nightmares but is it really as bad as people say?

There are stories of a miner roaming the forest, messing with campers while others report, arguably, the most terrifying detail of the paranormal activity:

Blood-curdling screams coming from the river.

That's gonna be a huge nope from us but maybe that's your thing. Let's get into the story of one of the most haunted trails in all of Idaho.

Could You Handle Hiking One Of Idaho's Most Haunted Trails?

Let's take a look at one of the most haunted trails inside the Saint Joe National Forest in Idaho... are you brave enough to explore it?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

If it's not a forest that will give you creeps, what will? How about a cave where a headless torso was found? No, seriously. It's one of the most bizarre cold cases in all of Idaho and there is still no concrete explanation for what exactly happened.

There are several rumors and theories as to what really went down... and it could make this one of the most haunted caves in all of Idaho.

Horrifying Discovery Made In An Idaho Cave Is Still Unexplained

Who was behind the horrific killing of a man that was then cut up into little pieces inside of an Idaho cave? Was he innocent himself?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Okay, so that was arguably one of the most haunted caves in all of Idaho but what about one of the most haunted mines?

We actually found a video of paranormal activity occurring in this mine that is located in Nevada.

Creepy Haunted Nevada Mine Video Will Keep You Up At Night

Exploring Horton Mine in Nevada is easily one of the most terrifying things you'll ever experience. The screams, paranormal activity, and sounds of machinery in complete darkness will certainly keep you awake at night...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas