Step into the world of atheism in Idaho, where the potatoes aren't the only thing making headlines! Get ready to peel back the layers of this unconventional slice of the Gem State's religious pie – it's more than just a spud-tacular revelation!

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Celebrities Who Found Religion

The glitz and glam of fame may appear to be the good life. However, dealing with the trials and tribulations of life all while in the spotlight for the world to see can be a heavy weight to bear. While this is an obstacle all celebrities face, many of our favorite actors, singers and other celebrities have turned to religion to help cope with the pressure of celebrity and find their inner faith.

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First of all, how does one even define what it means to be an Atheist? From

 “Non-religious” should not be confused with the word “atheism” which is an entirely different belief system altogether. Atheist means someone who does not believe in god or any supernatural being whatsoever, whereas non-religious is defined as a person who does not have religion playing a major role in their life and does not frequently visit religious events or places.

So, how many citizens in Idaho define themselves as an Atheist? That number is actually way higher than we were guessing.

Over 34% of Idahoans identify as Atheist

You read that right. If you survey three random people in Idaho, one of them is likely to say they're an Atheist. That's a lot.

Surprisingly, the state with the most atheists is Vermont, while the state with the least amount of people who would call themselves Atheist is Michigan, which is ever-so-slightly lower than Idaho at 31.6%.

If all this talk of Atheism has you needing some God in your life, no worries. We've got you covered. Recently, it's been claimed that God themself was spotted in Boise, and there's even photo evidence:

Internet Claims To See "God" In Mysterious Photos Captured In Boise

The internet is going wild over these photos captured near the Boise airport.

Some think it could actually be The Man Upstairs - what do you think?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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