One of our main responsibilities at work is to find compelling stories that people in Idaho care about. One of our favorite topics to write about is Bigfoot and even better is a video of the creature.

Did we find the greatest footage of Bigfoot of all time?

During our hunt for evidence of Bigfoot to write about, we searched YouTube for Bigfoot sightings in Idaho. In that search, we found what is quite possibly the funniest footage of Bigfoot (maybe a Yeti?) ever.

On the YouTube channel, there is no sign that this video was taken in Idaho but it's definitely possible... especially given the shrubbery.

Do you think it's real... or fake? Let's take a look...

If This Bigfoot Video Happened In Idaho, It's The Funniest EVER (WATCH)

When searching for evidence of Bigfoot in Idaho... we came across this video which shows a Goliath creature going berserk before attacking the person filming. Then, something absolutely HILARIOUS happens...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Okay, so maybe the footage isn't 100% authentic... and sure, there is no audio. But can we all agree that it would be absolutely hilarious if this actually happened? It would not only go down as one of the greatest pieces of evidence of all time but there's no doubt that it would also be the most hilarious footage ever.

Now, if we're ever stuck in the woods with Bigfoot, that would be the ideal encounter we'd prefer. Definitely over these Bigfoot encounters that will leave you with nightmares.

5 Bigfoot Eyewitness Accounts in Idaho That Will Keep You Up At Night

We found five different encounters with Bigfoot that took place near Boise. Where do you think sasquatch is hiding?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, if we want to look at really terrifying footage of Bigfoot, you'll want to see this next video. It was captured on a government camera and shows what appears to be a Bigfoot traveling in an isolated area. It will no doubt make you think twice before you go hunting for Bigfoot. After all, Bigfoot isn't going to miss and fall down a hill every time, right?

You Might Want To Watch This Before Hunting Bigfoot In Idaho

This surveillance footage in Washington captured what appears to be the most compelling evidence of Bigfoot's existence to date.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

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