There truly is no place like Boise. It's a big reason why people express so much pride for the City of Trees and with all that it has to offer, it's why Boise is one-of-a-kind.

That being said - it's not uncommon to hear about two different places sharing the same name.

A tale of three Boises...

Why Boise? Because Boise is the capital of Idaho and let's be real... it's the best city in Idaho. Also, there is only one Nampa in America, and as far as Meridian goes...  there are twelve that we know of but none of them contrast to their Idaho counterpart quite like Boise.

How do the other "Boises" in America compare to what we're calling "the original"? Poorly. It's not even close but they have their distinct characteristics and one is somewhat creepy when you think about it.

Let's take a visit to the two other Boise's in America.

2 Other Cities Are Named Boise... Are They As Great As Idaho's?

Spoiler alert: they're not. Here are the other two cities named Boise and trust us, they don't hold a candle to the real Boise in Idaho.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

It could be a hill but in that last picture of Boise, Texas, it really looks like there's a hole or a pit nearby. That reminds us of this hole that was found in Idaho which is apparently the ultimate party spot. Some of us aren't so sure, however, that we would be as excited to party in the pit... especially in the dark. Let's explore the pit that is supposedly a party hot spot in Idaho.

One Of The Most Bizarre Places People Used To Party In Idaho

Did this cave in Mountain Home used to be the place to party? Would you enjoy a gathering here?

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Since we're on the subject of abandoned places, Idaho has its own fair share of ghost towns. Are you brave enough to explore them?

Visit 8 of Idaho's Creepiest Ghost Towns, At Your Own Risk

These Idaho ghost towns are full of history, but are spooky enough to give even the strongest of heart the heebie jeebies.

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