How much would you pay to ensure that your children are safe?

Most people would say there is no price they wouldn't pay to keep their kids safe and yet, here we are in 2023 and babysitters are still underpaid.

Or are they?

Is it time to accept that our babysitters and nannies deserve more?

As a parent of 3 kids, I can tell you that my wife and I would absolutely love the ability to have more date nights. The issue? Finding a sitter that we feel good about. Sure, we have a little one who is not even 6 months, a toddler, and a 5-year-old so that alone gives us reservations about who is qualified but also... we know our sitters deserve to be compensated as much.

That's always the main roadblock when my wife and I talk about how much money we would set aside for a sitter. That amount winds up being a lot higher than what I've found for average babysitter pays on

I was always under the impression that babysitters should make anywhere from $50-75 per hour but after taking a look at the average babysitter pay in Idaho and surrounding states, I was shocked to learn that wasn't the case at all.

Not even close.

This begs the question - am I overpricing the value of a babysitter or are we as an entire state, completely undermining what value nannies and babysitters actually do for couples who are trying to maintain a healthy relationship and/or marriage?

Let's look at the data and see just how much babysitters are making on average in Idaho and surrounding states.

The Idaho Profession That We All Agree Could Use A Massive Raise

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