One of the hardest parts about starting a business or brand is getting the name out there. Sure, starting a business or brand is hard enough by itself but having to find creative ways to market yourself while abiding by the law can be tricky. It's become somewhat of a problem for the citizens of Caldwell, so much so that they're bringing the issue of illegal solicitation to light.

No License? No Soliciting

In a recent Facebook post, the city of Caldwell shared that they've been experiencing a high volume of calls pertaining to illegal solicitations. The violators either don't have a license or are completely ignoring any "No Soliciting" signage on the homes of residents.

"Both of these issues are in violation of the code and may be reported to law enforcement for further action," the city of Caldwell shared in a Facebook post that was eventually shared by Caldwell police.

It honestly feels good knowing how our local law enforcement and city officials are taking the complaint calls seriously enough to address the issue. While residents are protected by city code, there are also extensive laws in Idaho legislation that lay out the guidelines solicitors must abide by.

Now, this isn't necessarily a "knock" on solicitors (sorry, we had to). Some of us may or may not even have been sold into buying a shoe polish that remains unopened to this day thanks to the work of a crafty salesperson.

At the end of the day, all solicitors need to know is to: follow the rules, pay attention to the signs, and "happy selling."

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