Christmas 2022 is officially in the books and if any of you are like my wife, you're probably asking yourself: "When in the hell can we take this Christmas tree down so we can have our living room back?"

Sure, there are some people who love Christmas so much they don't even mess with the Christmas lights outside until the following year, but there are also those who feel: "Enough is enough."

Who makes the rules on when you take your tree down?

Truth be told, there are no experts in this field. None. One could argue that even Santa Claus doesn't know the answer to this age-old question but you know who might (and should) know the answer? Hotels. Why? I've got two words for you: Home Alone.

Arguably the greatest sequel to a classic of all time literally takes place in one of the most beautiful and luxurious hotels of all time. Bringing it back to Boise? It's not much different, at least in my opinion. The hotels in the Treasure Valley are among the best (there are a few horrible ones, let's be real) and who else would know when the best time to take a tree down than a hospitality expert?

Hotels and their Christmas trees

Hotels are known for going all out for the holidays and if you're in the business of hospitality, you know how to take care of your guests. One could argue that it's a science and I wouldn't disagree. I decided to contact various hotels around Boise and ask them: "When are you taking down your Christmas tree?"

Here is what they said...

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