Ah yes, beer - the official drink of "freedom o'clock." There is nothing quite like polishing down an ice-cold beer after a long day of anything. Shoot, beer is suitable for any occasion: mowing the lawn, capping off a long day of work, while enjoying the game, etc. But what if having literally "just one beer" could land you in an Idaho jail?

Not all beer is created equal

Once upon a time, I was really into dark beer. It's tasty and filling, and something about it simply feels good. Unfortunately for me, it also hits harder in the morning than it used to so I've cut back a bit and gone with lighter beers. However, I came across some beers that you can enjoy in the state of Idaho that would technically be considered illegal. Why are they forbidden? It's simple - their alcohol content is too high. Here's what Idaho law says:

Beer containing not more than sixteen percent (16%) of alcohol by volume may be manufactured, imported, and/or sold and distributed in and into this state or possessed therein in the manner and under the conditions prescribed in this act and not otherwise.

So, what happens when you're caught with a beer that exceeds this limit?

Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash
Photo by Josh Olalde on Unsplash

Keyword: "Technically"

When I stumbled across these beers, I reached out to local law enforcement here in Ada County to ask if officers would really put someone in jail for being in possession of a beer with over 16% ABV.

The officer who returned my call actually chuckled a bit when I asked this question and said that it's "highly unlikely" an officer would be looking for that type of contraband under any circumstance. He did acknowledge it is the law but he and his fellow officers have not encountered anyone recently who was busted for this law.

All of that being said - let's get to the beers in Idaho that could technically land you inside an Idaho jail.

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