Boise Music Festival is approaching fast (6/24) and it's set to be the hottest show of the summer. Acts include C+C Music Factory, Elle King, Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts, Ludacris, and one of the hottest stars right now in Jelly Roll.

2023 Folds Of Honor Tennessee Rock N' Jock Celebrity Softball Game
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And people LOVE Jelly Roll...

According to a report from, Jelly Roll was in attendance for a charity softball game on Monday in Nashville. That's when a scary moment took place resulting in the "Need A Favor" singer having to be escorted to safety according to Whiskey Riff. reports:

41-year-old failed Nashville rapper Michael Curtis was jailed Monday evening, charged with stalking Nashville celebrity Jelly Roll. A series of incidents over several days led up to the arrest, including tracking down Jelly Roll’s personal vehicle at the Ryman Auditorium, following his tour bus and contacting the driver, and Monday’s incident at the celebrity softball game, which left the artist in a “clear state of emotional distress.

They had to throw in "failed Nashville rapper", didn't they? All kidding aside, this is terrifying and we're glad that Jelly Roll is safe. In a bizarre twist, the arrest didn't appear to phase the "failed Nashville rapper" as his Instagram is still active. Since the incident, Curtis shared this post seemingly taunting the entire situation... maybe he's poking fun at having to pay bail to get out?

Curtis is apparently furious and has shared some threatening posts on his Facebook including this one:

Thankfully Jelly Roll's security is top-notch and this guy is most definitely on the radar now. Hopefully, everyone can move on from this and safely go about their business.

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